VENDAPIN Logo Design Project

Since I took over my parent’s business (June 1, 2014), the first priority is to redesign the logo and web site that is very pleasant, and easy to navigate.

We know that the original VENDAPIN logo is very dated, as it was designed more than 15 years ago.

See two original logo designs:

Web Site Logo Banner

Letterhead Logo: (used for Word, PPT, and PDF documents)

The goal is to preserve the original font and change to more modern, that would reflect for what we do (engineering and manufacturing).

So, I hired the logo designer from elance after receiving over 30 bids. It took me nearly a week to sift out these logo designer wannabes, and finally picked the most qualified logo designer who understands my requirements. He promised me that I will have at least 10 revisions without any additional charges. The total cost for the logo redesign project is $50.

The logo designer looked at the original web site and the “new” site..and figured out what I wanted. Then, he started working on the logo designs.

First logo design:

I told him that logo design is way off, and need something better than that. I explained him (via Skype) that the logo needs to be related to electronics and mechanical. He understood and went back to “drawing board”.

Next day and newer logo design here:

Not bad. But..something is off here. The icon looks good (V – related to electronic circuit board, and the gear – related to mechanical, as we design mechanical enclosures/systems). But the color is not right. Also, the font is way off. I told him to improve on the colors for the logo design and need to pick the right font. He understood (I think) and went back to drawing board again.

Next logo design:

Yes, the right color tone! But…the font is still off.

He said he has few more logo design ideas for me to check out. See few logos here:

Seems that he must be a Trekkie fan (I love Star Trek and Star Wars). I explained him that font is still out of order and need him to find the “font”.

He sent me more logo designs with weird fonts as shown here:

Uh..that progress is getting worse. I told him to stick to that icon design (shown here)

and told him that he needs to focus on the font selection.. He asked me which font I wanted.

He sent me 2 more logo designs:

The font selection is still off. I told the logo designer I will need to research the font designs from Google Fonts and get back to him with the right font type.

After going through over 600 Google fonts, I found the right font: Cardo.

Screenshot from their web site:

Why did I pick this Cardo font? Easy – it closely matches the original VENDAPIN’s original font type.

I asked the logo designer to use Cardo font for the logo design.

He sent me the “final” logo design for my review.

Yes, this is what I wanted!

I told him to replace the gray/white background with white, and asked him to move the icon to left side.

Much better!

He sent me another logo design without “shadow”, and finally sent me the complete graphic files.

It took at least 1 week to complete this logo redesign project. At least I’m happy with the new modern VENDAPIN logo design.

To everyone: The logo designers are not mind readers. Only you can guide the logo designer on exactly what you wanted for the logo design, and need to spend many hours studying different logos on Internet (hint: look at Fortune 500 corporation sites), or you would end up in paying thousands of dollars for the “mind-reading” logo designers.