• RC2301

Remote Copy Counter (RCC) Model 2301


  • Counts number of copies or prints produced from pulse signals received from the host machine
  • Control copier, duplicator, fax or printer usage from a distance to a maximum of 100 feet
  • Resettable counter with red reset button
  • Full modular design mounts to any surface (counter)
  • For use on any copier, fax, microfilm printer or PC printer
  • Accepts a +5 ~ +24 VDC count pulse signal from the copy counter socket or registration paper clutch
  • Secure Computer Grade Locking key switch for security of reset of the total counts.
  • Virtually all copier & printer machine custom fabricated harnesses available
  • Basic copier machine harness included for virtually any copier, printer, office machine or other device.
  • Easy “Plug & Play” with only 4 wires to connect.
  • 100% Digital with 8 segments
  • 7 year battery back up of digital counter memory
  • Color in standard powder coat white finish
  • Replaces the older analog +24 volt Key Counter/Copy Counter.

Dimensions: length – 9in, width – 8in, height – 4in

Weight: 2lbs

Installation Instructions

Order Part number 962301-001


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