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  • 5096-with-Edge
  • 5096-TwoDispensers-1

Model 5096 VendaCard Dispenser and Revalue Station


10 Mb Ethernet Port

  • Web interface via username/password designed for customization of the system settings & parameters with real time I/O serial communications between the host machine.

Web access

  • Clerk/operator access to the Model 5096 from their desk or other remote location through a network
  • Network API commands (plain or encrypted) provided for full customization of system settings & parameters

Credit & Debit Bank Card Terminal

  • Optional Iris Wireless Credit Card Payment Terminal with the choice of your merchant account or Inone’s merchant bank account.
  • Optional E-port Wireless Credit Card Payment Terminal with only USA Technologies proprietary bank merchant account
  • Web based tracking of all credit & debit card payment transactions.

Mounting Features

  • Table top or mount on the wall


  • 15 inches height x 12 inches width x 10 inches depth (ADA compliant)
  • Weight—35 pounds with credit card system, bill acceptor & 2 dispensers

Receipt Printer (used on 2nd column in place of card dispenser)
USB Dispenser
Credit Card Reader
Bill Recycler

5096 Literature


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