• CTD-102RFID-Dispenser-Assembly



  • Multi-Interfaces:
    • USB, RS-232 and Ethernet ports.
    • API interface for high speed communication to host PC.
    • Interfaces to Windows, Mac, Linux and other systems using virtual COM drivers or Ethernet.
    • Web access via Ethernet designed for customization of system settings & parameters
  • Services:
    • One application is to dispense a new RFID card from a command from the host PC. Upon the initial dispenser into the RFID reader, the RFID Card is held in the card transport awaiting confirmation of the read of the data of the RFID card by the host PC.
    • Once the host PC confirms the data to be acceptable, the host PC will send a API command that will then push the card through the slot into the hands of the customer.
    • An alternate insertion of an existing RFID card in the RFID reader/card dispenser slot to get the read from it and then transmit the RFID serial number to host PC automatically. The host will then send the command to push the card out when it’s done.
    • The RFID reader-card dispenser system can read and pull in RFID card and stack back in the card dispenser stack area to allow for reusing the RFID cards.
    • Optionally, the RFID reader-card dispenser system can incorporate the MDB/pulse payment device to allow for a true card purchase/recharge stand-alone station to be added to your system.
    • There are many different RFID formats. Specifications of the RFID card is required to mate the correct RFID reader mechanism to the CTD-102RFID dispenser & Raptor II controller board.

Display: (Optional) 2×20 back illuminated liquid crystal
MDB Coin Changer: Optional (on request)
MDB Bill Acceptor: Optional (on request)
MDB Credit Card Reader: Optional (on request)
Pulse Coin Mech: Optional (on request)
RFID Tag Formats: MiFare, Sony, HID, Inside Contactless, ISO-15693, ISO-14443-A/B, and other types
Communication Ports: USB B Type, D-Sub RS-232, 10Mbps Ethernet Port
USB Drivers: Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/CE, Linux, Mac OSX
Interface Cables: RS-232 Serial Cable, A-B USB cable or Ethernet cable
Power Supply: International PC XT Power Supply Adapter (+5V/+12VDC)
Weight 7 pounds without coin changer, bill acceptor or credit card system installed
Temperatures: -10C—+40C
Dimensions Height: 12 inches
Width: 12 inches
Depth: 6 inches

  • 2×20 LCD Module
  • MDB International Coin Changer.
  • MDB International Bill Acceptors
  • MDB International Credit Card Reader
  • Pulse International Coin Mech (RM5)
  • Enclosure

CTD-102RFID Literature

Part Number 900527-RFIDR/W (request for specific RFID)


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