• Model-5897-Wireless-Credit-Card-Payment-Terminal

5897 Credit Card Wireless Payment System



  • API interface for high speed communication to host PC.
  • Interfaces to Windows, Mac, Linux and other systems using virtual COM drivers.
  • Works with virtually all print vending software
  • Direct connection to Scanners, Copiers & Printers

RS-232 Serial Port (D-Sub):

  • Sends receipt details to serial printer
  • Communication with scanners, printers & copy machines based on proprietary serial commands

10 Mb Ethernet Port:

  • Web interface via username/password
  • Web access for customization of parameter & system settings


Web access:

  • Clerk/operator access to the 5897 from their desk
  • Through a network
  • Network API commands (plain or encrypted) provided for full customization of system settings & parameters

FDI (Foreign Device Interface):

  • Steering Mode: 16-price capability
  • Interface Mode: 16-price vend steering signal or basic 2-price.
  • Time Vend Mode: 1 second to 1000 minutes
  • Auto vend option available
  • Operates like a gas pump credit card vending system
  • All FDI modes allow complete control of vending signals from almost any copier/printer with an enable/copy counter signal interface

Display: 2×16 back illuminated liquid crystal

Enclosure Material: Heavy Duty 18 gage steel with gray powder coat finish

Dimensions: Height: 4.5 inches, Width: 6 inches, Depth: 7 inches / RoHS Certified

Communication Ports: USB B Type or RS-232

USB Drivers: Windows XP/2000/ME/98/CE/Win 7 & Vista, Linux, Mac OSX

Interface Cables: Older copier/printers: TTL interface cable, current copier/printers: A-B USB or serial cable, optional: Ethernet cable

Power Supply: U.L. listed & CE +5V 2A & +12V 1A

Credit Card System: USA Technologies Wireless Edge e-Port Magnetic Swipe Payment System

Weight: 3 pounds

Temperatures: -10C—+40C

Order Part Number 985897-001


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