• 5002E

5002 Series Card Vending Machine


  • The Model 5002C interfaces with a pulse model bill acceptor. The 5002E bill acceptor is a pulse mode.
  • Acceptors stack up to 400 bills or notes; will work with others stacking up to 600 bills.
  • Acceptors can be programmed to accept all denominations of bills and notes.
  • Compatible with high security CR – 80 plastic or paper cards
  • The thickness of the card can be adjusted to a maximum of 2mm
  • Capacity of 180 cards.
  • Optional extension magazine increases the capacity to 375 cards.
  • The Model 5002C uses the CTD – 202 USB model card dispenser.
  • The Model 5002E uses the CTD – 200 TTL model card dispenser Locking Mechanism
  • The locking mechanism is a T-handle style commercial heavy duty screw type lock.
  • A replaceable cylinder lock with 2 keys can be easily changed in seconds.

Material: Heavy-gauge metal enclosure

Model 5002C Display: 2×20 easy to read LCD character

Board Set: High performance microprocessor based control board system

5002C USB & Serial Port: Type 1 USB & 9 pin RS-232 connector

Power Supply: 24VAC using 115VAC/240VAC transformer

5002C Interface Cable: Included Ethernet Patch Cable for WebAccess programming of parameters

Lock Mechanism: High Security numbered key lock

Dimensions: 16 inches H x 10 inches D x 12.25 inches W

Weight: 50 lbs.

Mounting options: Mounted on wall or pedestal

Certifications: UL, FCC and CE Power Supply

Credit Card Payment Terminal


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