• 3396CreditCard
  • 3396Front
  • 3396Model
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  • 3396CreditCard
  • 3396Front
  • 3396Model
  • 3396WithHandAndPen

3300 Coin-Op Junior Series


• Multi-Vend based on one or two prices; vend price from $0.01 to $655.35 for U.S. version, 1-65535 for International/Token versions, and $1.00-$100 for Credit Card Reader version and unlimited prices in print mode.

• Dual opto Steering Mode with single relay closure for 2 different copy paper sizes.

• Timing controls available for both standard and steering copier interface circuits.

• TimeVend Accumulator timer—from 1 minute to 65,000 minutes per vend.

• Coins or additional value from credit card may be added as needed while the vend is in progress.

• Pay for either copying or printing (utilizing VendaPrint II® print cost recovery software via USB).

• 6 digits Mechanical Counter (for U.S/ International/Token versions)

• Credit card reader version uses Web interface to track all purchases.

• Free Setup Express software (CD and USB cable are included) provides a quick and easy way to set parameters from your PC via USB.

Display: Green “Ready” Lamp

Payment Methods: 3396 U.S. 1¢,5¢,10¢,25¢ & $1.00

3396 International: 1-65535 per vend (configurable)

Locking mechanism Cam lock with 2 keys

By-pass switch lock Key operation (included)

Maximum Relay Rating 3396: 1A, 1-45V

Interface Cable: Harness with 9 pin male AMP connector is included.

Power Supply: 3396: +5VDC/+12VDC 1A

Dimensions: 14.5 x 9.5 x 19.5 cm (12.5 x 7.75 x 3.75 in.)

Weight 5 kg (11 lb) or 6 kg (13.2 lb) with credit card reader

Temperatures -10C —/+ 40C

Communication port: USB B type cable connector or RS232

Mounting options: Tubular chrome stand or Pedestal stand

  • Machine Harness (609004) Please specific manufacturer/model number, as we support nearly all type of parallel/serial foreign interfaces (FDI).
  • Credit Card Reader (InOne, MDB version) – will work with many countries (just ask!).
  • RFID Reader Kit (RFID-KIT)

3396 Manual (PDF)

3300 Manual (PDF)

  • P/N: 943396-001 3396-USD (U.S. Coins)
  • P/N: 943396-002 3396-INTL(International Coins)
  • P/N: 943396-003 3396-CC(Credit Card Reader )
  • P/N: 943396-004 3396-T(TimeVend)
  • P/N: 943390-001 3390-USD (U.S. Coins – no longer in production)
  • P/N: 943390-002 3390-25c(Quarters Only – no longer in production)
  • P/N: 943300-001 3300 (Older Model – no longer in production)


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