About Us

In 1965, the 1st coin-op operated cash payment vending access control kit for a copier machine was invented by Darrell G. Rademacher. He attached a coin box designed for amusement rides that he added advanced electronics to an APECO copy machine. It was named the “3300 Coin-op”. During the next 15 years, copier vending machines were installed and vended by Darrell and Diane Rademacher by their company Brunswick Office Systems in Edison, New Jersey. It was discovered that there was a need for a company to invent, design, manufacture and distribute vending controls for copiers and other business machines to the original equipment manufactures and dealers. The original copier vending company located in New Jersey was sold and XCP Inc. was then founded in August, 1976 in Dryden, New York by Darrell and Diane Rademacher. The goal was to supply this need for vending copier coin-ops. The secret to the sales success of XCP Inc. for 25 years was innovative office machine vending products, direct mail and library trade shows. The model 3300 series vending controller was followed by many vending control models and eight US Patents and one foreign China and Taiwan patent for the CTD-200 “Micrometer Adjustable Gate”. In 2006 the CTD-100 series metal card dispenser was added for customers requiring more capacity and an industrial grade card/ticket dispenser.

Innovative products and designs continued when on the 30th of March 2004, the US Patent Office issued a new patent for the Network Transaction System designed for library vending allowing the use of any barcode or magnetic stripe card as the access ID without requiring a special issued ID card. The USB CTD-202/CTD-102 card dispenser patent was applied for with the US Patent Office. A special custom program was written for the CTD-202 USB dispenser for Kiosk customers that allowed dispensing the card and holding it in the exit rollers until a 2nd command was sent to drop the card.

Effective 1 June 2014, VENDAPIN L.L.C., manufacturing of the full line of Library Cost Recovery Copier & Printer Vending Controls and other Vending Payment Systems will return to Upstate, New York. Robert J. Rademacher will assume ownership and operations of VENDAPIN. Darrell & Diane Rademacher are retiring after 50 years of continuous service to the library market and other related vending applications.

Darrell & Diane Rademacher working side by side in Vending Access Controls since 1964.

A total of 50 years of continuous service to the office machine vending market

Retiring on June 1st, 2014 to only operate XCP Corporation for the manufacture of dispenser mechanisms and related dispenser machines.

Time left for retirement to enjoy the good life.